Jennie and W.S. Moore

Glenn Moore and Jennie Moore

Hawthorne Apartments 1980s

The History of Hawthorne Apartments
(Formerly the Moore Hotel)

Moore Hotel circa 1900s

The Moore Hotel in Hawthorne had its beginnings in 1883 with William Shepard
and his wife Virginia "Jennie" Moore . Friends from the north often visited them in Hawthorne. W.S. Moore would tell stories about the fine hunting and fishing in the area and he acted as hunting guide for visitors. Soon northern friends began asking him to add more rooms so they could stay longer to enjoy the great hunting and fishing.

“The Moore Hotel at Hawthorne” was established in 1883 and became recognized as a hunting lodge and hotel. The buildings that William and Jennie Moore first bought to live in now form the center portion of a complex called the Hawthorne Apartments.


The name of the hotel was eventually simplified to “Moore Hotel”. It offered the first carbide lights in the area.  (Combining carbide and water created a gas, which was then piped into the hotel to produce carbide lighting.)  The hotel also offered the first bathtubs with running water pumped by a windmill, then heated, all for just $2.00 a day or $10.00 a week (ad).  William Moore supplied dogs, horses, and wagons, and served as the hunting guide.  Jennie took care of the hotel duties, which included cleaning, cooking, and serving meals.  Breakfast was served at 4:30 AM for an early start.  Many patrons were wealthy doctors, dentists, lawyers, businessmen and other people planning to settle in Florida.